British Council IELTS Result 2013:- British Council IELTS Exam Writing- Listening Test Results 2013 for June/July session has been declared and for the upcoming session it will be released as soon as from the exam date in the official website Here we provide you a information about IELTS Result 2013 For the exam, recently conducted by their board has been successfully over and now British Council IELTS Online Result 2013 is curiously expected from the candidates who appeared for the examination. We linked the Official British Council IELTS Results Link to Calculate IELTS Results, Re-Check IELTS Result, Review IELTS Result in the following article.

British Council IELTS Exam Result 2013

IELTS Result 2013

IELTS Result 2013 :

IELTS is nothing but a common test namely International English Language Testing System. Its is being conducted in a periodic time span and IELTS Result 2013 will be published from 13 days of exam date and IELTS TRF will be sent to your address over the phone/mail, thus you can receive official hard-copy IELTS 2013 Result Certificate in your home, or else it is also possible to collect your IELTS Result from International English Center with the support of IELTS Administrator.

You will receive one original copy of IELTS Result to your address and others 5 will be sent to the list of institutes/concern you have listed on the application form and regular posting charges are toll-free. The charges for urgent courier/overseas postage will be collected to you in the time of IELTS Result delivery.

Check IELTS Result Online

Click the following link to check/preview your provisional IELTS Result Online 2013 from 13 days of exam date and it will be available for online only 40 days from the exam date. This online preview check is not to be considered as a official IELTS Result Certificate.

Check IELTS Results Online

Enquiry on IELTS result (EOR)

It is a feature for the candidates to apply for the re-consideration of their IELTS TRF Score Revaluation through IELTS Administration Officer and it has to applied within 6 weeks from the exam date and no remarks will be considered after the due date. IELTS Re-Valuation Result will be declared/published within 8 weeks of the exam date. IELTS Revaluation application is evaluated by the senior examiner in the council and for updates, check the official page linked below.

British Council IELTS Official Link

For additional info about British Council IELT, keep checking our page later or visit the official homepage of British Council IELTS

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